Electric Hair Clipper Rechargeable 0mm Shaver Beard Trimmer


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USB power cord direct charging is more convenient for home use. You can use charging devices such as computers, power banks, and USB charging sockets to conveniently charge the product anytime, anywhere.

Flat industrial design, one-button simple operation, suitable for home and travel haircut/shaving, is a must-have tool for every man in family life.

3D three-dimensional pattern engraving technology is an effective example of the combination of technology and art, presenting a shocking visual experience for you.

Ceramic cutter head LCD display adjustable speed 0mm cutting distance professional hair clipper is the return of the king




The speed of the adjustable-speed cutter head can be from 5500, 6000RPM to 6500RPM, which can completely personalize haircuts and shavings.

 The TYPE C non-directional charging interface can be charged in computers, power banks, and charging sockets anytime and anywhere, which is greatly convenient for daily life.

Flat industrial design, one-button simple operation, suitable for home and travel haircut/shaving, is a must-have tool for every man in family life.



IPX4 waterproof grade, is currently one of the high-quality hair clippers that can be washed all over. It can be used when you take a bath, which is more convenient and more user-friendly.

The speed of the motor can be adjusted, which is suitable for different hair cutting environments. LCD intelligent display technology makes your operation more intelligent and convenient.


The large capacity greatly increases the working time of the product and saves a lot of waiting time for charging, thereby improving your work efficiency.

All-metal antique-style design, high-strength mechanical strength and hardness, greatly improve the service life and texture of the product.


The unique cutter head adjustment lever design can adjust the cutter head spacing to 0~2mm, which completely solves the problem of fine hair cutting of the T9 hair clipper, and removes the redundant limit comb.

The cutter head with tungsten steel extraction technology has high mechanical strength, sharp cutting and longer service life

LCD intelligent power display, know the remaining power of the hair clipper at any time, saving a lot of waiting time for charging.

IPX4 waterproof, can be used in high humidity environments such as bathrooms

USB direct charging, you can charge it on a computer, power bank or USB charging socket anytime, anywhere.

The product design details are displayed, and every detail design is more convenient and simpler for you to use.

3D Metal Smart Power Display Professional Hair Clipper

All-metal 3D metal die casting and etching technology greatly improves the texture and mechanical strength of the product.

By using lithium battery materials with higher energy density, the service life of the built-in lithium battery in the hair clipper is greatly increased. The optimization of high-current charging technology reduces the charging time, and every product detail improves the customer’s experience.


The TYPE C non-directional charging cable can be charged in computers, power banks and USB sockets anytime and anywhere, which is convenient and fast.

The remaining power is displayed intelligently, which is more convenient for charging in time, thereby saving a lot of waiting time for charging.

The all-metal 3D engraving pattern shows the texture and feel of the product, and greatly improves the mechanical strength and service life of the product.


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