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Our Story

Who We Are

With over 30 years in business in a “brick and mortar” store we felt as the years went by that we were getting our asses kicked by big box retailers, wholesalers, and the fixed costs of a physical storefront was kicking our ass before we even would sell a single product.

With this in mind, we moved solely to online sales. We now can do our own “ASS KICKIN’ DEALS” and not get our asses kicked by the restraints we endured with a standalone storefront.

Overhead costs of our mortgage, utilities, taxes, advertising, shrinkage (aka theft) and thousands of dollars in inventory that could not be sold at MSRP to just make our monthly overhead. Our wholesalers were getting products from factories and manufacturers from around the world and passing on their added profit before we took delivery of the merchandise.

Enough was enough !!

So… we looked at our numbers and realized that WE could work directly with these same factories and manufactures that our USA wholesalers were buying from. We saw that by cutting out the “middleman” and eliminating our “brick and mortar” storefront, that we could sell our products for WAY LESS, and not be stuck with products that didn’t sell well forcing us to sell at cost or below to just move items off our shelves.

We established partnerships with the same global companies that our former wholesalers were utilizing. These companies were willing to either ship directly to us, and  many are willing to ship directly to our valued customers saving double shipping costs and save our shipping costs – again, cutting the overhead of our products.

Shipping from other countries has been a great savings to our bottom line, and as a result we can pass those savings onto our customers. With this in mind, we however have the issue of delivery times from overseas. What was taking not long ago, a few weeks is now, in some cases, up to 4-6 weeks because of the supply chain issues that all businesses are facing.

With patience of our wonderful customers with delivery times, we can not only kick the asses of our former burdensome wholesalers and big box retailers, we can cover all shipping costs from wherever your products are from.

One Final Word

So here’s the Ass Kickin’ Deals for you!

Whether your at home in your robe, or on a beach vacation, you can shop our “store” and save more than you can imagine.

We all work remotely now, so we can respond to any questions you may have via our Contact Us page. You also can be assured that your payment will be safe and secure as we use PayPal as our only means of payment. Your payment information is NEVER sent to any foreign country it is securely sent to our PayPal business account, and WE then send payment to our vendors from our own accounts.

We really appreciate your business, and will kick our own asses to make your purchases the easiest, and be the most Ass Kickin’ Deals you will find.